Recovery Management Solutions LLC 
  Acknowledging the importance of resolution between creditors and consumers. 


Civil Judgments
Telephonic Collection
Recovery Management Solutions will attempt to collect debts telephonically if clientele demands an additional option to recovery. 
RMS has created a proprietary system for recovering non-performing Civil Judgments. This system gives RMS a leading edge with attorneys and creditors in the collection industry. This operation is exceptionally unique and was carefully structured after years of meticulous fine-tuning. We have found that several creditors in the last eight years have used attorneys to reach their projected ROI and still have not been able to hit that objective. Most creditors think the final step in outsourcing is placing with a law firm. Our collection niche is recovering non-performing civil judgments.

Bail Bond Claims
Recovery Management Solutions is handling the collection of bail bond premiums.  Whether you are the bond holder or indemnitor / cosigner, RMS will work with you to help you get the matter resolved. 

Outstanding Bail Bond Premiums?Call Legal Outsourcing Collection Services @ 1 (844) 816-5966

ATTENTION INDEMNITORS / COSIGNERS:  All outstanding bail bond premiums are serviced by our legal outsourcing collection team. If you are listed as an indemnitor / cosigner please note that any unresolved bail bond premiums where RMS has verified your employment may be forwarded to our legal counsel in attempt to attain a court ordered civil judgment to secure repayment. 
Attorney Network
RMS has identified collection attorneys all over the country that specialize in collection litigation and judgment enforcement. This network of attorneys has been identified as top performers within their venue. Creditors that require collection by means of litigation may assign a debt to RMS. The debt will then be outsourced to an attorney in our network. 


Our collection process involves telephonic and letter campaigns on intial, pre-legal & post judgment levels.

​1 (888) 906-2259


Our legal collection process involves outsourcing deliquent accounts to attorneys in our network to attain court ordered civil judgments to secure repayment.  ​​

​1 (844) 816-5966