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Every problem has a solution. 

Recovery Management Solutions LLC
Acknowledging the importance of amicable resolution between creditors and consumers. 


RMS is a full service collections call center. Our recovery model ensures top level compliant performance and is tailored specifically to meet our client's needs. Our knowledge in accounts receivable management is un paralleled and allows us to be seamlessly versatile with respect to the collection of all types of receivables. 

Our staff understands that it may be awkward, uncomfortable, and even embarrassing to receive a call from a debt collector. The staff at RMS is trained to handle every situation with the utmost care and respect for the consumer. We pride ourselves on our ability to help consumers manage their debt without confrontation.

Why choose RMS to help recover your unpaid receivables? RMS will protect our client's reputation while serving their best interest.  We understand that carefully selecting what entity to trust with your reputation and customer base can be a complicated process. Trust and transparency are the core values of our organization which is the concrete foundation of a strong partnership. 


 General Collections

Toll Free: 1-888-906-2259

Collection Operations Director
Charankumar Bahadur
Direct: (716) 219-2980

Government Services

Direct: (716) 803-5227

Internal Auditing, Administration & Legal Outsourcing

Director of Auditing & Administrational Operations
Elizabeth Colwell
Direct: (716) 261-4701

Regulatory Compliance

Chief Compliance Officer
Renee M Hulett
Direct: (716) 217-6682


Chief Executive Officer
Adam R Kazmark
Direct: (716) 261-4707

Chief Operations Officer
Travis W Colwell
Direct: (716) 261-4695

Chief Techonology Officer
Neal Esford
Direct: (716) 342-0427

Executive Vice President of Government Services
James Cunningham
Direct: (716) 803-5227

Operations Director
Charankumar Bahadur
Direct: (716) 219-2980